Brisbane Bunny January 18 2015




“Creating a wonderland where you don’t know the rules, the guides or the danger, but you wanna play anyway!” Zoe Brown

WND.LND is Canberra based designer Zoe Brown’s dreamy label. I had the pleasure of styling some of her pieces for an upcoming photo shoot (pics to come soon) and I of course had to play dress up with my polaroid while I had the chance! It’s not every day you have a rack full of such whimsical pieces staring at you. I couldn’t resist!

Wearing Zoe’s pieces transports you to a magical world. When you wear her clothes, you want to twirl and dance endlessly, I think she’s sprinkled them with fairy dust or something… They’re hyper-feminine, with quirky little touches and the Waffle Cone bra and matching shorties are the perfect examples of this! If I could wear one brand for the rest of my life… WND.LND would be it.

To accessorise the look, I opted for Chip the Teacup’s beautiful and uber cute ‘fluffies’. They come in a range of beautiful pastel colours and sizes. It was love at first sight when I spied these on Instagram.

Best of all… To celebrate VOSN, Zoe is offering a whopping 40% off her site with the code: DISCOUNT at checkout. Hurry, it’s for one night only! WND.LND is also stocked at Lady Petrova.

Stickers by Mel Stringer
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