MS666 January 22 2015




Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am a lady who is a dreamer, and likes to think beyond the stars. Even though I am a leo I don't like all the attention, I just like to have a good time! Great food, chats and like minded people keep me inspired to create. 


How old are you?


 Where are you from?

I am from the Nations Capital, but most people call it Canberra


Is there anything you do for work besides your label?

Yes, I am currently working for the mannnnn. He pays for my fashion dreams to come true. 


Tell me about the label.

WND.LND spurs from my constant need to live in a fantasy.  It's about having fun with style and transcending fast fashion trends that are in for a moment and in the trash the next. WND.LND clothing is more a way of life and attracts a certain type of girl. 


When and how did it start?

I graduated from the Canberra Institute of Technology with my bachelor degree in 2011. By 2011 I had interned at Stolen Girlfriends Club, Lover the Label and State of Georgia. 2012 saw small projects come together with creative friends, and 2013 was fully established.


What inspired the name?

It stands for Wonderland. We live in a world with hidden meanings, people can interpret it how they like. Sometimes I make abbreviations for the spelling for fun. WOMEN NEVER DATE LOSER NEEDY DUDES or WE NOW DRESS LIKE NOSTALGIC DREAMERS.


Do you find there's a certain 'type' of person who wears your stuff?

Yes, a WND.LND gal doesn't care for fast fashion trends. She definitely has her own style, and pastels are always in for her. She is more a collector of well made clothing, and is always a style icon. 


Is there a specific moment WNDLND's popularity skyrocketed?

When WND.LND became exclusively stocked at The Lady Petrova Boutique in Melbourne City. The store has created some great exposure for customers to discover WND.LND and has created such a great little following from it. 


What plans do you have for the future of the brand?

I have lots of plans in the works! A bag collaboration, a textile collaboration for an upcoming collection. Some pop up shops and independent shows. Then eventually move to Melbourne my customers are calling me! And plenty of Bali trips in between!


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